Say hello to Life

26 02 2007

Some how this picture reminds me of line “Say hello to life”. I think some products tag line (telephone service???)


Its all about the money

11 02 2007

Who says having money is not everything??? Check this baby out …. Item no. 2 on my wish list 🙂

Oh Crab

8 02 2007

Creek park is full o surprises. I almost did not notice this lil guy there

As the Crow Flies

8 02 2007

Some impulse bird shooting 😀

Everyone likes a lil sunshine

8 02 2007

Rajasthan holds a different kind of charm. For most people it may be a hot and deserted place, but for a few lucky few, it is a place with unparalled beauty. Oh and yes I know… everyone clicks a cliche Sunset … 🙂

Seagulls again

5 02 2007

I love seagulls. These guys are not afraid of camera and have most amazing sense of personal space. When I shot these pics, it was a gloomy day. Cloudy and foggy. I had to photoshop them a little to bring out the colors.

I am gonna try to find a seahawk somewhere in action. Would appriciate if someone can suggest some techniques. I have a Fuji Finepix S9600 only.

Fun in Global village

5 02 2007

A trip down nostalgic lane.