How American intelligence is gathered

6 09 2007

Was going through my old data and came across this picture I saved long time back. I do not know the original source for it, but I am quite sure it must have been one of the email forwards. Kudos to the original creator 😀

This is how Americans intelligence is gathered





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6 09 2007

Please do not mind this comment, but this is not extremely funny.

I am not sure if it is fair to discriminate against all Arabs or people for whom camels are an important transport, even jokingly and without any such intentions of harm (but human feelings get hurt without these too)…even though I’m not from such a region, but it’s just rude to label every such person as a terrorist.

6 09 2007

I think i understand what you are trying to say. Though, as I pointed out, this is not something I made. To me it sounded funny at that time. I have added the line “This is how Americans intelligence is gathered”, as thats what I feel when I think about this picture seriously.

On the other side, I do not discriminate against Arabs. I am an expat working in an Arab country, and found their hospitality to be great in most cases. They are great people and surely all of the people i know have no malicious intentions in their heart.

7 09 2007

that’s HDR I guess 🙂

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