Its a slugs life

23 10 2007

As an example of things that you may be missing when you are looking at the big picture. I came across this guy when I went to the local park and decide to take a break and lie down a bit. After noticing this guy next to me, first thing I did was to check if there are any that I might have killed without knowing. Luckily no one was hurt 😀

Now, I am not an expert on bugs/slugs/worms/larva, heck I did not even study biology but I liked this fella to be quite fascinating. Like someone said, life is what happens when we are too busy to notice. Right now am in the middle of sorting through pictures of my recent India trip. Will post some when I am done processing them.




3 responses

23 10 2007
Willian Gustavo Veiga

Hello man. Sorry for my English, i’m a brazilian guy…
Are you the same xnegvx from the actionscript forums ( ?
You have solved your problem. How do you populated your combobox using database data, man? Please, can you send your code to me? I’m a flex newby and need to populate a combobox for my work.
Thanks and please, sorry for my mistakes…

24 10 2007

Hi… Sorry for mistakes… Send it to the and… Thanks for all!

29 10 2007

Nice closeup shots of catrpillar.

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