Hummer … Now everyone knows

2 12 2007
Now Everyone Knows

Now Everyone Knows

Stumbled across this link last night…. Funny as hell and so true 😀

The Original Link: Hummer, Now everyone knows




4 responses

24 12 2007
karlstad igår


31 07 2008

So true! 😀
I’m going to print these and put them on Hummers’ windshields. 😀

31 07 2008

😀 .. more Hummers I see, more I believe in this picture 😀

30 03 2013
Easy to say goodbye | ICIS Chemical Business | Endpoint

[…] Hummer, especially for the 3,000 American autoworkers who face unemployment, but that behemoth was never built to engender sympathy. Rising gas prices and the global financial crisis meant that the Hummer’s end was nigh. In […]

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