Fuji S9600

I own a S9600 and to be honest, this is the closest to DSLR I could get without buying an expensive body/lens combo. Let me describe this camera for any one who is contemplating buy one. Bear in mind that I am not a technical reviewer. I learned a little about photography recently and I do not dwell on things like MFT and other technical terms. I like a camera if it shoots to my satisfaction.

Build Quality :

The build quality is average. It does not feel like cheap plastic like many low end DSLRs feel, but it is not a tank. Buttons are placed well for someone with my hands. Camera feels just right in my hands and the external material used under shutter makes it slip proof. I have a couple of doubts about it though, one about the battery compartment, another is for control dial. Both feels like they may break if I am not really careful but many a times i had been careless without a hitch. I wish white balance selection button was placed in photography menu if not under a dedicated button. I would advice any one to get a UV filter for the lens to avoid scratches. Getting a soft case might help carrying it as well.

I wish Fuji supplied something to protect LCD from the smudges and dirt which can accumulate with the use of viewfinder.


It’s a Fujion lens. Equivalent of 28-300 mm on 35mm. At the wide end it is F2.8 and at 300mm it’sF4.5. This makes for a really interesting shooting toy when there is light. When the light is low, I really need a tripod. Besides I prefer using tripod. I am not a pro shooter who can buy a 300mm F2.8 optically stabilized lens and can justify it. Photography is a hobby for me, not a profession. This lens is quite capable. I have been able to get very good quality photos under moonlight (with tripod of course).

Lens zooming function is by twist barrel mechanism. It feels solid and easy to use. The manual focus ring is easily movable with one finger. To change focusing mode, one need to turn a small button to AF/AF-C/M mode. M being the manual. AF-C is the continuous focus mode and does a bit of motion tracking. I have not done a lot of motion tracking just yet so I will not comment on that.


Noise becomes a bother when you are shooting long exposures or at ISO higher than 400. Wish Fuji can introduce an update to do some Noise reduction.


Best thing Ever, 4 AA size NiMh/Alkaline batteries. Easy to find in case you run out of juice. I keep two sets for emergencies. One set can see you through 200-300 shots depending on if you use LCD/playback functions.

File Size

Raw files can set you back by 18Megs per file and Jpeg fine or normal will set you back by 4 megs. If you are planning to shoot raw, make sure you carry enough storage.


This cam supports both CF cards as well as xD picture cards. I prefer CF as xD cards are easy to loose and feel flimsy in my hands.


7 responses

29 04 2007
Derek Watson

I’ve just ordered this camera and I am looking forward to using it.

I am upgrading from a Kodak standard point and shoot and the optical zoom is what persuaded me (and the price of course).

I need to get myself a tripod but I want to get used to the camera first having never used one like this before.


30 04 2007

Congratulations on your new toy. You will enjoy it a lot I am sure. For shooting in the light (morning till early evening) you will not need tripod/monopod. Its only the late evenings till early mornings you will need to stabalize the camera (be careful at the full zoom 300 mm is quite unforgiving). As I am on vacaton for a while and have time to shoot during the day, I am having fun with it 😀

28 06 2007
M Bell

Hey i love my s9600 the best camera i have ever had the pictures are really really good i just love and wouldn’t change it for anything!!! I am disabled and it’s heavy but my grandad made a tripod for my wheelchair and now i can use it perfectly like i say the best camera i ever had 10/10!!!

29 07 2007

i have s9600 too and i think it`s agood one but it`s sensor is so small (just 1 *1.6 in)about 15mm*24mm ..and i have my a real problem with it`s noise at asa (iso) more than 200..but to be honest it`s a very practical camera ..plus it`s cheap not like canoon 400D the DSLR

29 07 2007


@M Bell

This camera do rock. Really. I got me a new DSLR but I am not letting this one go. This is a huge fun camera with good range. BTW a nice site you have got there. Great landscape pics. 🙂


This true about sensor, but then in prosumer cameras thats the kind of sensor that one can get. Digital noise is a problem at higher ISO + long exposure combo. It will be unfair to compare it with any DSLR. I think it can be compared to some Panasonic ones though.

6 09 2008

Hi, I got my Fuji S9600 last year. I am utterly disappointed by the results it produces. I think its just high priced disappointing camera which just has features to land itself in the prosumer category. WHen i compared the result with the aim & shoot camera, they produced far better & acceptable results. My recommendation is is utter waste of money. AF has too many problems & the 9m resolutions does produce acceptable results. Works like a 2MP camera. When you use flash, camera needs abt 3 to 4 secs to get ready for the next shot. Above ISO 200 totally hopless results.
Advice dont even think about this camera let alone buy it.

19 10 2008

quality comparable with consumer DSLRs

80 iso mode is very good
RAW (.RAF file extension) are also very good

a great camera to learn how to shoot in manual mode without buying tons of DSLR equipment and currently has good resale value on ebay if you want to upgrade

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