A humble salute to our heroes

30 11 2008

To all those who stood in the way of monsters and fought for the humanity, I salute you. I may not know all the names, so I am not going to take any names. You are the real heros of our nation.

Police Force: You are the heroes for you fought the unknown. You took the brave first step and stopped those monsters from spreading the terror. I believe that I will call Bombay home no matter what, all due to you.

Indian Armed Forces: You are the heroes for it takes a different kind of courage to go and face the bullets you know are coming your way. You made us believe that no one can harm us on your watch.

Fire fighters: You are the heroes for rescuing those people and showing courage under fire.  You assured us that you are there for us, no matter what.

Doctors and medical staff: You are often the unsung heroes. Not for me. Thank you for saving precious lives without a thought.

All who helped: You are all heros though we may never know your stories. You know who you are. Thank you for reassuring our faith in humanity. Thank you for being selfless.