Recovering Photos

30 08 2007

Sometime back I met up with a friend of mine, who was back from a long day of shooting with a model. He was quite pleased with the whole shoot and had filled up two 4 gig cards with images. I was planning to understand some post processing from him as I have never done any model shoots. Now the fun part was copying the images to the computer and fire-up Photoshop. Well the odds were against us that day. Somehow he managed to delete everything from his CF card. It’s not a very easy task to delete everything, from windows, where you shift+delete everything, a pop up asks you if you want to delete x number of files permanently, but he managed. I was dumbfounded. I have never seen someone make this kind of mistake.

There goes my post processing lesson I thought. As he was using Sandisk, I asked if he got any recovery software along with it? He did not. We checked and found that only Ultra III cards get recovery software. Unfortunately he was using Ultra II.  Then he said “I am not so good with computers in general, but someone had suggested that I buy a software for this kind of situations, so I did.”. He then proceeded to show me his Photorescue Pro. I checked and saw that it was from Datarescue and I knew. I have been a fan of Datarescue’s IDA Pro in past and was sure that Photorescue will save the day.

A few clicks later we were able to extract every file from the card. It took some time, but his images were salvaged from being lost in digital world. Really, I think that was $24 well spent. I am gonna buy me a copy of Photorescue asap, just in case.


Random Walks

28 08 2007

A fairground in Deira, Dubai. Never saw many kids around there though. Handheld shot.

And somewhere around in this concrete jungle, I caught this fearsome predator. He actually hunted down sheesh kebab I left for him.

My new Toy

2 08 2007

I got me a Canon Eos 20D + 18-55mm+ 50mm F/1.8 … Awsome camera. Am just getting to know it, but it is mind blowing. Low light, high ISO images are coming up nice as well. Am going to write a review of my gear later on in this week. Just a test shot I took and processed: